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January 06, 2011
Waterfowlers' World is No Longer Round
In 2011, waterfowl hunters must forget what they thought they knew about shotshells. For generations we've thought perfectly round pellets were mandatory. Let it go.
The change started with HEVI-Shot. An unintended consequence of manufacturing was irregular shapes. Cut one open—it sure doesn't look right, but there's no denying the kills.
Black Cloud
            Black Cloud
Then Federal came out with FLITESTOPPER shot in FLITECONTROL wads. We know it as Black Cloud. These killer cartridges contain a mix of standard steel and shot with a cutting edge or "ring" around the pellets.
Blind Side
            Blind Side
For fall 2011, Winchester introduces Blind Side. These shells boost a payload of "hex shot" from their proprietary diamond cut wad. Hex shot are basically steel cubes with corners rounded off. Preproduction field tests are revealing awesome performance.
The world of waterfowl hunting is no longer round! That'll take some getting used to, but it's a belief worth adopting if you love to drop ducks dead!
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