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January 07, 2011
Weekend Edition: See Mississippi's Pending Record Bow Buck and Find Sport Shows
It looks like the archery whitetail record has been broken in Mississippi by hunter Will Rives. Have you seen the sizzling video interview? Check out the pending record-breaking buck and get the story right here.
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It's sport show season, so "Inside Track" has saved you the trouble of searching for shows in your area. Simply visit this link, find a sport show near you, and go there to see what's new in the hunting and outdoor world! (For your convenience, "Inside Track" will regularly feature the sport show link in the partner listing during sport show season.)
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What is the state of hunting and hunters in America? This very important question is analyzed in a brand-new book, "The Sportsman's Voice: Hunting and Fishing in America." Click here to learn more about the book, and right here to purchase it online.
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