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January 11, 2011
Stop Wasting Money on Broken Arrows
When you say the words "Robin Hood" to a bowhunter, he or she doesn't think of stealing from the rich to give to the poor. Instead, they think of the rare occurrence when one arrow strikes another dead-center and the two literally become one. Whether a Robin Hood is the result of supreme accuracy or dumb luck, the result is the same: bragging rights to your buddies—and two wrecked arrows.

By shooting at the same bull's-eye with multiple arrows, you certainly increase your chances for a Robin Hood, but you also up the odds of busted nocks, torn fletchings and damaged arrow shafts. It's time to shoot smarter.

As this short video clip shows, a large bag-style target featuring multiple bull's-eyes is perfect for a basement or backyard bow range.

Stop wasting money on wrecked arrows and start spending it on more deer tags!

Buy   your multiple bull's-eye bag-style target for your personal bow range.
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