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March 13, 2012
Two Cool Targets You'll Want To Shoot ... Over And Over Again
Let's talk conservation for a second: How can you save millions of rolls of tape, countless boxes of staples, push pins, twigs, toothpicks and anything else that might be used to hold up a target? Can you say "Re-Stick"?

Champion Traps and Targets created something even bunny huggers and greenies will appreciate. Re-Stick Targets utilize Post-it Note technology. Just peel, stick and shoot. No more fumbling around with tape or cussing at the wind. There are 11 different target designs to choose from.

And for all you conservation-minded archers, check out Master Targets. They use "Durashot"—durable plastic material that not even Macho Man can rip with his hands. They can withstand hundreds of shots from a bow. You can choose from a variety of creatures (vitals included) to hone your species-specific killing abilities. They just might outlast a 3D target.

buy Re-Stick turkey targets just in time for patterning your gobbler gun.

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