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March 16, 2012
Video: Turkey Beheads $500 Decoy
OK ... we don't know if the hunter paid that much for the stuffed gobbler deke shown in this insane video clip, but we do know that life-sized turkey mounts don't come cheap. Just ask your taxidermist.

According to info provided with the video, the shooter in this scenario was a youngster from Tennessee, and this was his first turkey. Be sure to watch the entire video because you won't believe how it ends.

Like this video? Then check out "Killing Time"—a must-follow blog from North American Hunter's Managing Editor Dave Maas. In addition to digging up this decoy clip, he recently posted amazing videos of a 23-year-old bowhunting blonde who kills a giant gator, a 76-inch-wide moose arrowed at 8 feet and a Super Bowl-worthy TV ad for taxidermy!

see the stuffer decoys used by many of the country's top turkey killers.

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