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May 11, 2012
Watch Melissa Bachman Arrow A World-Record Stag
Melissa Bachman
At "Inside Track" we normally stick to our North American roots when sharing hunting stories. But our friends at North American Hunter just released a video featuring none other than the "Hardcore Huntress"—Melissa Bachman—that you have to see.

Melissa loves taking game with her compound bow across the United States, but every now and then she needs to get her international hunting fix. This spring she traveled to New Zealand for a spot-and-stalk red stag hunt. With help from Ample Hunting, she managed to shoot a massive stag on video—a world record for a female bowhunter at the time.

Read more about her thrilling hunt and see a photo of the stunning stag right here.

Watch   Melissa Bachman stalk within range of a world-record red stag.
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