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June 26, 2012
Everyone Needs To Enjoy A 'Muzzle Break' Now And Then
Gun blog
"Inside Track" editors realize we only have so much time and space within our incredible e-newsletter to give you all the firepower you crave. Yes, you want more on guns ... and we feel you.

So, to help scratch your itchy trigger fingers, we're proud to announce the brand-new "Muzzle Break" blog from our friends at North American Hunter. Each week, renowned gunwriters Ron Spomer and Richard Mann will deliver posts that you don't want to miss.

The blog is easy to find, and you can catch up on all the latest posts at Bookmark it, share it and be sure to comment on posts if you're a North American Hunting Club member.

Here's the really cool part: Do you have questions about guns, ammo, optics or anything related to shooting for Spomer or Mann? If so, submit your questions to Look for upcoming posts with "Q&A" in the title to see if one of your questions was answered. (Hint: You might just win something, too!)

Set Aside   some time each week for a "Muzzle Break"!
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