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September 14, 2012
Video: Buck Scoring 192 Arrowed Over Prototype Decoy
Young bowhunters Kayne and Dieter Brenner borrowed a prototype decoy from a friend, and while they had high hopes for success, nothing could've prepared them for a buck of such mammoth proportions. You need to see the video from their hunt right now. Nice job, gentlemen!

The decoy they used passed the testing stage—no kidding!—and now you can own one. It's called the Posturing Buck from Dave Smith Decoys (DSD), and it's the first and only decoy ever to be made in the posturing pose. It has the correct stance and attitude in ears, body and head, plus a virtually seamless bristled coat. It has all the usual DSD attention to fine detail, anatomy and color.

Check out this video that shows the decoy fresh out of the box, along with a short review from North American Hunter Editor-in-Chief Gordy Krahn.

And guess where it's made? Yep ... USA, baby.

Order   a DSD Posturing Buck so it arrives before the rut!
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