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January 03, 2013
See Why You Should Attend SCI's Annual Hunters' Convention
SCI's Annual Hunters' Convention
Many hunters automatically associate SCI (Safari Club International) with a bunch of rich folks who travel around the world to hunt exotic animals in expensive places. Reality: SCI is much more than that.

While SCI does play a global role in conservation and protecting hunting rights, a great deal of SCI's muscle is flexed in our own backyard. SCI is one of the leading advocacy groups for American sportsmen.

So, it only makes sense that they organize one of the biggest events for hunters in the country! Watch this video to get pumped up for the 2013 Annual Hunters' Convention.

There's a reason more than 20,000 hunters come together at the Convention. It's loaded with guns, gear, entertainment—an overall blast! Every outdoorsman should attend this event at least once.

Register Now!   Become an SCI member and sign up for the Annual Hunters' Convention.
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