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January 04, 2013
Video: Big Buck Visits During Bathroom Break
Big Buck It's happened to every hunter, so there's no use pretending otherwise: Sometimes you have to do your business in the woods, and it's a race to drop your pants and assume the position.

And thanks to Murphy's Law, that's when the biggest buck of the season slowly walks through your shooting lane, and you're armed with nothing but TP.

This video (fast-forward to about the 30-second mark) was recorded with a cell phone—no zoom—so the Iowa buck is super close, probably 10 feet or less. The buck spooks a bit because of what he sees ... and you can only imagine what he smells. Talk about cover scent!

As you think back over the 2012 deer season and consider what you might do differently during 2013, remember that some things are simply out of your control.

[Insert your own joke here.]

buy   Buck Schitz camo toilet paper. Their slogan: "It's leafy soft, so just stop, drop and unroll."
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