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January 25, 2013
Introducing The BowMag Arrowhead From Rac-Em-Bac
Bowhunting technology has become extreme. Compounds and crossbows are slinging arrows and bolts at lightning-fast speeds, but in the end—after the hunter has put the shot on target—it's all about the arrowhead. We've got broadheads made from scalpel-sharp steel and even head-lopping gobbler guillotines.

But the folks at Rac-Em-Bac have really pushed the limits.

First they offered scent-dispersing arrowheads. Then they decided to load some arrowheads with steel shot (pellets!) for small game hunting. And now, they've designed something truly amazing—the BowMag.

The BowMag is an arrowhead loaded with a primer that pushes a .357 Mag. or .38 cal. bullet into your target upon impact. It's literally a "bullet broadhead"!

shop   for Rac-Em-Bac products and be on the lookout for the release of the BowMag.
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