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February 01, 2013
This Is The Triple Crown Shotgun From Chiappa Firearms
The Triple Crown
Most of us have seen or own double-barreled shotguns. Over-and-unders or side-by-sides are permanent fixtures in most bird hunters' gun cabinets. But not everyone realizes that there's more than just double trouble on the market.

Italian-owned manufacturer Chiappa (pronounced key-ahh-pa) makes some fine-looking firearms, including a classy triple-barreled home-defense shotgun called the Triple Threat. But new for 2013, they're hitting the upland market with the Triple Crown.

As explained in this video featuring shotgun developer Don Madole, the 8.7-pound Triple Crown is a lightweight, well-balanced shotgun with three barrels chambered for 3-inch cartridges.

You should be able to get one in your hands for about $1,500. Not too shabby.

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