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March 07, 2013
Use The Snap Shot Sight And Never Miss A Turkey
Snap Shot sight
Let's face it—turkeys should be easy to hit with a shotgun, but many hunters occasionally whiff and wonder why.

Well ... we editors know why: It's because you peeked before pulling the trigger. Peeking is when you fail to keep the proper cheek-weld on your shotgun, either out of fear of recoil or anticipation of seeing a flopping gobbler.

In any case, an inexpensive (only $15!) and effective solution to prevent peeking is the Snap Shot sight.

As seen in this video captured during a Wisconsin learn-to-hunt program, Snap Shot forces you to keep your head down on the gun and your eyes on the target. Its patented design snaps onto most shotgun barrels (vent rib or smooth barrel), and it's available in either 12 or 20 gauge versions.

(P.S. Watch the video to the end. It's great to see local law enforcement—a good guy with a gun—was helping out during this youth day at the range.)

buy   a Snap Shot sight before turkey season. It's only $15!
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