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March 08, 2013
The Time Is Now: Take A Minute To Be Heard
American FlagWith the current political and social climate, the heat has been turned up on the gun rights debate. What does the Second Amendment really mean? That's the question in the crosshairs of lawmakers across the nation.

We "Inside Track" editors side with men like Bill Stevens. Click here to see Bill's testimony at a recent Gun Violence Prevention public hearing, held in Newtown, Connecticut, as a follow-up to the tragic Sandy Hook elementary school massacre.

This isn't simply about protecting our hunting heritage. This isn't about keeping the firearms and ammunition industries in business. And this isn't just about blindly pumping our fists in support of a cause. This is about protecting our inherent, inalienable right to responsible gun ownership, personal liberty and security.

If you believe that new gun laws aren't the solution to preventing gun violence, and that "... the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed," then now's your time to speak up. Visit the convenient pages set up by Hornady, Remington or Ruger and send a quick e-mail to state and federal government officials.

We're in this together. Raise your voice.

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