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March 26, 2013
Video: Deadly System For Decapitating Gobblers
Deadly System For Decapitating Gobblers
(Viewing tip: Be sure to crank up the volume and watch to at least the 1:15 mark!)

When it comes to luring gobblers into shooting range and then killing them, nothing works 100 percent of the time. But one stick-and-string technique that's tough to beat is a combo platter of Dave Smith Decoys and Magnus Bullhead broadheads. Remember these three steps:

1. Find a short-grass strut zone or feeding field used by love-struck toms.

2. Place a Dave Smith Decoys Breeding Pair 5-7 yards from your pop-up blind.

3. Load your bow with a 125-grain Magnus Bullhead and full-length Victory arrow. When a gobbler confronts the jake decoy, aim for the tom's head/neck and then ruin his day. No tracking. No pesky pellets in the breast meat.

Life is good.

watch   Magnus CEO Mike Sohm score his first turkey double. (Warning: The footage is Graphic with a capital "G.")
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