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April 26, 2013
Right Time, Right Bullet, Right Place, Right Down
Dumping the world's biggest "deer" in its tracks doesn't require the world's biggest rifle ... or bullet. You just need to place the right bullet in the right spot.

We don't know what cartridge or bullet was used to poleax (verb: hit, kill or knock down with or as if with an axe) the bull in this video but you can see by the impact that it was a high shoulder shot, and that usually hits the spine. That's a dead deer.

But look at the disastrous results of putting a shoulder shot too high at 4 minutes into this short video. It looks like the little 150-grain Winchester Power Max Bonded bullet that North American Hunter Columnist Ron Spomer chose for this wilderness bull wasn't up to the task. But wait and see what happens at the 4:13 mark.

Turns out that hump on a moose's shoulder results from its vertebral processes—bony extensions projecting upward a good 8 inches from each vertebrae. Hitting these only rocked the bull. By lowering his aim on his second shot, Spomer strikes the main vertebrae and spinal cord, and that does the trick.

Parked in the right spot, a narrow, little bonded bullet is more than up to the task of taking out an animal weighing close to a half-ton.

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