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May 23, 2013
Shoot Steel Targets To Get Your Money's Worth
Shoot Steel Targets
Shooters are finally learning that steel targets are great training tools. Sure, they cost a lot more than paper targets, but good paper targets can sell for as much as $2 each. If you shoot 10 of these each time you go to the range, that's $20, and 10 range visits per year equals $200. Even if you only shoot half that much, in a couple of years a steel target will pay for itself.

There are lots of steel targets to choose from. Handgunners should select one made with "through hardened" AR 500 steel. If you're going to shoot them with rifles, insist on through hardened AR 550 steel.

And here's something else to consider: Steel doesn't have to be static! Action Target specializes in making steel targets with ... action. Check out the new Action Target Tactical Torso Target, which might just be the perfect steel target for conducting failure drills like those shown in this video.

COMING SOON!   Watch a funny preview for a new Action Target product.
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