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May 24, 2013
The Man Who Built Marine Corps Sniper Rifles
Marine Corps Sniper Rifles
Master Sergeant Dan Hanus (above), who served as production chief for the Marine Corps Precision Weapons Section, built the M40A5 Sniper Rifles, the EMR (Enhanced Marksmanship Rifle), and the M45 CQBP (Close Quarters Battle Pistol) for the Marine Special Operations Command. His guns have been used in combat and competition all over the world.

Today, the 22-year-veteran leads Bergara's Custom Rifle Shop. (Bergara is currently best known for its superb gun barrels, which are used on numerous top-selling firearm brands in Europe and the United States.)

Bergara Custom Rifles are built using the highest quality components, such as McMillan stocks and Timney triggers. As for actions, Hanus said: "The custom Bergara action will likely be the most popular, but a customer can choose to have a gun built around an action they already own."

Five basic bolt-action rifles are available, any of which can be modified to meet customer preferences. Models include: BCR19 Heavy Tactical (inspired by the Marine's M40A5); BCR17 Medium Tactical; BCR15 Long Range Hunter; BCR13 Sport Hunter; and BX11 Take-Down Hunter, which features interchangeable barrel capability.

All Bergara Custom Rifles are guaranteed to shoot sub MOA at 100 yards, and prices range from $1,500 to $4,000 (plus custom modification costs).

Do you need a rifle this exceptional to kill a deer? No.

But for hunters who demand the very best, Dan Hanus is ready to deliver.

LEARN MORE!   Check out the specs and features of the Bergara BCR19 Heavy Tactical Rifle.
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