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July 18, 2013
Introducing Weatherby-X: Extreme Guns For New Generation
What you see above is a pile of deer skulls and antlers. Guess what? It's actually a camo pattern called "Whitetail Bonz" featured on a new rifle. Pretty wicked, eh? That's the vibe you'll get from Weatherby-X (aka WBY-X).

Here's the skinny: We all understand the importance of getting new (especially young) hunters involved in the sport. But today's world is jam-packed with distractions—video games, shopping malls, "reality TV" shows—so hunter recruitment can be a dreadfully difficult task.

So, the folks at Weatherby decided to think outside the traditionalist box and get aggressive by introducing WBY-X. Click here to get a detailed scoop about this innovative launch. It's not just a bunch of cool-looking guns. It's a full-scale movement.

WIN A GUN!   Submit a photo for your chance to win a WBY-X pump-action shotgun.
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