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July 19, 2013
Video: The Hottest Gun Girls In The World
While it's true many women buy guns and shooting accessories, the vast majority of firearm-related purchases are made by men.

Because of this fact, manufacturers occasionally feature beautiful women in print ads, catalogs and TV/online commercials to grab the attention of their male audience. (Editor's note: This marketing plan isn't new; tool/workshop pinup calendars have been popular for at least 75 years.)

Today's Inside Track video showcases a photo shoot for Gun Holsters Unlimited, a 3-year-old company based in Louisville, Kentucky, which has more than 10,000 shooting sport accessories. Gun holsters, of course, continue to be their specialty, and they offer the best brands: Bianchi, Blackhawk, Desantis, Fobus, Galco, Safariland, Uncle Mike's and many more.

Be a man and shop Gun Holsters Unlimited.

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