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December 05, 2013
Video: Hunter Falling From Treestand
While every smart treestand hunter uses a full-body safety harness, most of them fail to use a LifeLine, and that's asking for trouble. As in "kiss your fanny goodbye" trouble.

Life lesson No. 1: The most dangerous time in the field is getting into and out of your treestand. The Hunter Safety System LifeLine is the simplest and safest way to stay attached to the tree from the moment your feet leave the ground.

Simply strap the 30-foot LifeLine to the tree when hanging the stand, tie it off at the base of the tree and then leave it there. When you arrive to hunt the spot, you attach tether to carabiner and slide the Prusik knot to ascend or descend.

Life lesson No. 2: HSS LifeLines make great Christmas stocking stuffers. You can buy one for $39.95, but we editors suggest you buy the three-pack for $99.95 and save almost $20 over the price of buying them individually.

Even though your nose might be red while deer hunting this December, you ain't Rudolph—and you certainly can't fly. Be smart and always use a LifeLine.

see   the two-person LifeLine; it's perfect when sharing the stand with a buddy.
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