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December 12, 2013
Is This The Ultimate American Hog-Hunting Arsenal?
Ruger American
America's new favorite big game animal is the feral hog. Seasons are year-round and sometimes 24/7. Some say you need a tricked-out AR for hogs, but a bolt-action will do. Learn to run it right and top it with a good optic and you can make a dent in the hog hoard.

Ruger American in .30-06 (top rifle in photo above) will whack a hog at 400 yards with precision, especially when topped with Leupold's Hog scope, which has the killer Pig Plex reticle.

The rifle has a little brother, too—an understudy if you will. The Ruger American Rimfire (bottom rifle in photo above) looks, feels and operates just like its centerfire counterpart and is a lot less expensive to shoot. Outfitted with Redfield's TAC.22 Battlezone scope, you can practice your long-range hog hunting on squirrels and gophers.

All of this great gear for just a shad over a grand? Right on!

watch   a video overview of the Ruger American centerfire and rimfire rifles.
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