May 16, 2011
Splattering Zombies with a Shotgun
It's really only a matter of time until the "walking dead" aka zombies are seen stumbling down our streets, hunting for the living. There's no question your family and friends will be counting on you to defend them. After all—you're the guy with the guns!

Of course, the perfect zombie-killing firearm is a reliable shotgun. The right scattergun will allow you to fight off hordes of short-range, blood-thirsty zombies, while still leaving room for long-range slugs to nail the nasty buggers down from safe distances.

Don't be caught off guard when an infected pizza delivery guy tries to pull a sneak attack, or when a demented zombie dog flashes his fangs.

Hit the shooting range, bring the proper zombie targets from Birchwood Casey along, and get ready for some zombie-splattering fun.

Kill Zombies on paper to prepare for the "invasion."

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