October 07, 2011
Photo Gallery: Most Gorgeous Guide in North America
Redneck Wedding Cake
OK, so we tricked you a bit: April Vokey (click here for her photo gallery) is a fishing guide/fly-casting instructor/fly-tying teacher from British Columbia—she's not a hunting guide.

That said, April can guide you to better outdoor photography. The pics in which she appears (click here for bikinis and sturgeon), as well as the on-the-water images she takes of her clients, are spectacular because she follows a few simple rules:

*Get close—backed-off photos lack impact and detail.

*Go low—critters (fur, fish and fowl) look bigger when photographed from a low angle.

*Clean backgrounds—watch out for tree tops and branches that appear to stick out from a person's head.

*Avoid shadows—use the sun to highlight your subject. Tip back a ballcap to allow light on a person's face (or use a light flash).

*Keep firing—thanks to digital cameras, you can shoot, shoot and then shoot some more.

*Safety first (this doesn't typically apply to fishing rods)—be sure firearms are pointed in a safe direction.

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