May 10, 2011
Video: Personal Defense with a Chainsaw
Several thoughts probably come to mind when you consider the idea of defending yourself with a chainsaw. That sounds really dangerous—for the attacker and me! Wow, that will be a real mess. What if the pull-start doesn't work?!

Don't worry: Nobody really wants you to keep a chainsaw on hand for personal defense ... well ... except the folks at Mossberg.

They've designed a Chainsaw like no other. It's a pump-action, short-barrel, 12-gauge Chainsaw. Oh yes, with its protruding jagged choke tube, it's actually built to cut... through doors. It's also made to cut threats out of our lives, but let's hope the mere sight of the Chainsaw makes 'em realize they're in the wrong lumber yard.

Order   your Chainsaw for less than $400.
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