April 10, 2012
Most Realistic Hunting Blind On The Planet
tree blind
What do you get when a master Hollywood set designer decides to build a deer blind? The most realistic blind on the planet.

The TreeBlind is an exact replica of a large, weathered tree stump, complete with missing bark patches, insect eggs and even a bent nail.

The roomy (nearly 7 feet tall!) TreeBlind features a luxurious interior with 360-degree views, fully carpeted floors and silent magnetic sliding windows. The lockable, polyurethane shell keeps weather and critters out, blocks sounds, blocks human odor, and keeps you comfortable year-round with floor-to-ceiling encapsulated insulation.

If you had to describe the TreeBlind in one word: Perfect. Check out this photo gallery and prepare to blow your mind.

Oh ... and one more crucial detail: It's made in the U.S.A.—the Texas Hill Country to be exact.

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