May 19, 2011
Video: Poacher's Worst Nightmare
Poachers are enemies of our respectable sport. The last thing you want is a gang of uninvited, gun-toting thugs to carelessly take game off your hunting property. Even if poachers aren't a problem, you want to be able to navigate your property undetected by savvy bucks and brainy birds. There is a solution for both.

No, it doesn't involve setting man traps or building a tunnel network. It's much simpler, and much more earth-friendly. All you need to do is grow a "screen" using a blend of sorghums and Egyptian wheat.

This 12-foot Screen Blend can be planted to surround your food plots or other deer travel routes. You'll block the view of poachers who like to shoot onto your land from the road. This tactic will also allow for stealthy footwork, minimizing spooked game when you're sneakin' around.

Order Frigid Forage Plot Screen Blend Special.
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