June 06, 2011
Record-Book Antlers: What You Need to Know
So, you consider yourself a bona fide whitetail antler freak? Then of course you know the Boone & Crockett World Record typical is Saskatchewan's Hanson Buck, taken in ... what year was that?

And the B&C non-typical record whitetail is the 333 7/8-inch "pick up" from ... where?

Did you know those answers without peeking? If not, maybe it's time to "bone up" on whitetail antler facts every self-respecting deer hunter must know, like:

* What is the "pedicle" and how does it develop?

* What are the three primary factors that influence antler size?

* During what month of the year do antlers grow the fastest?

*What are the primary differences between antlers and horns?

Just think: That trophy buck you'll be after this fall is out there growing his antlers ... right now! The biggest question of all is, How will you get him when the time comes?

Dream   about just how big whitetails can get and enjoy the summer.
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